TIER III Gasoline ARV Check Standards

The following material passed the TIER III ILCP in 2016. The data on the gasoline was analyzed by an independent EPA accepted contractor and approved as an ARV Check Standard. All standards come with the ARV report for the Method/s requested.

TIER III ARV Check Standards available for the following Methods:
TABLE-1 16 OZ BOTTLE D1319-13 [Olefins]
TABLE-1 16 OZ BOTTLE D5769-10 {Aromatics]
TABLE-1 16 OZ BOTTLE D5599-10 [Oxygenates]
TABLE-1 16 OZ BOTTLE D3606-10 [Benzene]
TABLE-1 8 OZ BOTTLE D5191-13 [Vapor Pressure]
TABLE-2 16 OZ BOTTLE D4815-15b [Oxygenates]
4 OZ BOTTLE D86 [Distillation]
4 OZ BOTTLE D2622 [Sulfur]
4 OZ BOTTLE D5453 [Sulfur]
4 OZ BOTTLE D4052 [Density]

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