Ordering Methods

Placing an order is made easy using the following methods:

  • Order from our Web site
  • Call and place your order at: 281-578-7575
  • Fax your order to Spectrum at: 281-578-7576
  • Email your order to: orders@www.rnykw.cn
  • Mail your Purchase Order to:
    HOUSTON, TX 77084

Order Information

All of Spectrum’s products in stock are shipped within 3-5 days of the receipt of the Purchase Order. Custom standards, or standards that need to be made, are shipped 2-3 weeks after order receipt.? Sealing orders are shipped 3-4 weeks after the material is received.? Please include the following information:

Purchase Orders

Please include:

  • Company Name
  • Purchase Order or last four digits of Credit Card number
  • Shipping Method [Added to Invoice or provide Fed Ex Account Number]
  • Order Contact & Phone Number
  • SQS Part Number and Quantity [as well as any specific information such as concentrations, nomenclature and backgrounds]