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image001Spectrum’s Calibration and Q.C. Standards have been formulated to meet the requirements of both ASTM and EPA Methods. All raw materials are checked for chemical purity and the prepared standards analyzed for composition. The results are then compared against the gravimetric figures and are NIST traceable by weight. The Standards are designed specifically for the Analytical Chemist to efficiently and economically analyze for the required properties.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are taking every precaution to do our due diligence to help prevent the spread of this virus. We are still open to provide our services and products to our essential customers in this industry.

We will still process all orders that come through but please be aware that there could be a delay to get your order out as we depend on other businesses as well.

For our International customers who require a Certificate of Origin with their orders, there could be more of a delay due to the Chambers of Commerce being closed down due to this.

We will update you with as much information as we can in regards to your order(s). Stay safe out there.

Contact us with a quick message and an account manager will contact you do discuss how SQS can help you understand how?Spectrum Quality Standards is committed to providing Certified, Verified and Analytically Traceable Standards to the Petrochemical Industry.

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Please note that we can only present about 10% of our standards online. ?90% of what we do is custom. ?Contact us with specs for a customized quote.